South Central Kansas Library Foundation (SCKLF) is an Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization created to promote and support community and school libraries in the south central Kansas region. The Foundation includes 143 member public, school district, academic and special libraries serving more than 795,000 citizens and students in 12 counties.

History and Programs

In 2006, the South Central Kansas Library System (SCKLS) determined that in the face of limited state and county resources, a non-tax method of funding should be established in order to enhance and maintain library services throughout the region.  In order to assist small and other sized libraries, the South Central Kansas Library Foundation arose from a comprehensive plan with goals that included expanded methods to secure additional library funding.  Grant award facilitation, digital libraries initiative, website hosting and recycling of discarded and donated books are the four major programs of the South Central Kansas Library Foundation.

Since 2006, the South Central Kansas Library Foundation has helped secure additional grant funding for its member libraries through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as Bank of West, Dollar General Stores, Central Kansas Community Foundation Kids FUNd, Greater Newton Kansas Community Foundation, Monsanto Fund, Pamida Foundation, Shell Exploration and Production Company and the South Central Kansas Community Foundation.  In order not to compete with the individual funding efforts of member libraries, SCKLF selectively facilitates grant seeking.

Since 2014, 15 participating SCKLS member libraries have been digitizing, uploading and adding metadata to their online collections. The Digital Library Initiative project provides training and support for member libraries to digitize and publish online local history and other eligible collections.  The South Central Kansas Library Foundation, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, qualifies for free site hosting at DreamHost. Under the domain, each library has an individual installation of the Omeka platform, which is an open source content management system for digital libraries: Digital Library Initiative Project.

WordPress website hosting which began in 2012 is another program of the South Central Kansas Library Foundation.  SCKLF provides website hosting for the individual WordPress sites of more than 40 member libraries.  South Central Kansas Library System staff provide initial installation, limited training and overall maintenance of the service.  Participating member libraries are responsible for all content, maintenance and backups of their own sites and for purchasing an optional domain name.

An annual source of limited funding for the South Central Kansas Library Foundation comes from the Better World Books Library Discards and Donation Program.  SCKLF is a nonprofit library and literacy partner of Better World Books.  SCKLF receives a portion of the net proceeds for every book Better World Books sells which has been discarded or donated by or through SCKLS and/or an SCKLF member library.

SCKLF Governance and Commitment

When considering SCKLF business, the Executive Committee of the South Central Kansas Library System acts in a dual capacity as the Board of Directors of the South Central Kansas Library Foundation.  The SCKLF Board of Directors derives from individuals in the south central Kansas region who have significant background and experience governing, administering, supporting and advocating for their local libraries.   SCKLF is committed to providing support to libraries in south central Kansas in the form of grant funds and other resources that will enhance and maintain library services.   We welcome your inquiry regarding assistance or information.

For more information contact:

Paul Hawkins, Executive Director
South Central Kansas Library Foundation
321 North Main Street
South Hutchinson, KS 67505
800-234-0529, Ext. 113